Benefits Made Easy


Since our founding in January of 1975, we have been committed to making benefits easy for the small employer. That simple statement means something different to every employer who reads it. It encompasses all aspects of group coverage. To make it manageable, we have broken it down to five interrelated parts.

Benefit Design As the first step, it can be the most difficult. Year after year you are shown the same bandaid plan designs from three or four brokers using the same three or four insurance companies. They don't solve the problem, they simply continue it under another brand name. On the other hand, we use products in creative combinations and ways that restore your control and stop the bleeding of annual rate increases. Your employees, in many cases, will have the freedom to choose from several programs that increase benefits or take home pay, whichever fits their personal needs. A freedom that's normally only available with larger employers.

Financing We use established proven methods taken from the pension field to stabilize and control your cost while still meeting the needs of your employees. These aren't theories, they are cold hard numbers that can be proven on a balance sheet.

Communication It makes no difference how good your benefits package is if your employees don't understand it. Using a three part format, we educate employees on the value of their benefits and how to use them. This increases appreciation for your efforts and expense on their behalf.

Personal Assistance Dealing with an insurance carrier can be intimidating and frustrating. Rather than having your employees or plan administrator face that prospect, we take on the burden. A single phone call, answered by a real person, to our service staff is all that your people will need to do. We act as their representative and advocate to resolve problems and answer questions. The quality of service your employees receive reflects as much on you as the benefits provide. It shows how much you care about their needs and not just cost.

Administration Plan administrators are normally overwhelmed and understaffed. With the increase of federal and state regulations, they have less time to concentrate on benefits administration. To support them and make their life easier, we take on the responsibility of responding to employee questions and solving their claim problems. We establish and host a customized benefits web site specifically for your group for 24/7 internet backup. Additionally, without any charge, we also provide COBRA management software and Section 125 customized documents and training materials. Of course, annually we do our due diligence and search the marketplace for "better buys".